Tammy Powell Still life

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Student Statement

I use the wet on wet technique with quite a bit of dry brushing. I have your DVD #1. I plan on buying the rest of them soon. I look forward to your critique! I paint every two days. The last 3 images I am seeing more and more the technique from your DVD. The last image is the beginning stage. Thank you in advance for reading & looking at my work. I have a strong desire to paint and I hope it shows in my work. Thank you,

- Tammy

Halls Critique

Dear Tammy,   I like how all of the objects within this composition interconnect, enabling one’s eye to move throughout the piece.  In future paintings explore allowing the tones from one object to appear in the neighboring objects.  For example, introducing a minute amount of warmth into the cool, gray teapot. Your ability to use color and model the forms through light, shadow and pushing the value is working fairly well. The yellow candle could have been developed a bit more by introducing some darker tones on the left side in order to turn the form a bit more convincingly. Mixing a very small amount of raw umber into the yellow would be one option, or using the compliment of yellow to lower its intensity and gray it down a bit.

Good luck with your future pieces!


- Hall Groat
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