svein lindstad, Apple Painting Critique – Hall Groat II

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Student Statement

Hello again Hall

I hope I have now done the decrease of pictures right.
Since I have learned mostly all from Your DVD lessons I appreciate Your comments.
I am running steadily the dvds I have and specially nr 6-and from 21 to 26.

- svein

Halls Critique

This painting of apples is exquisite! The manner in which you handle the back wall is terrific, and very much along the lines of Cezanne but more subtle. The delicacy of the leaf forms is elegantly handled, too.  In future fruit pieces I’d like to see you explore subtly varying the edges along the shadow sides of the fruit forms. These apples are beautifully modeled, however could appear more naturalistic and a bit less static through ever so slightly softening a section of the edge along the shadow side. You want to be careful not to treat the edges facing the light the same way as on the shadow side.  In this case, the bottom two apples work fine since they fall into shared value, but with the top apple the edges could be considered.  A very small hint of rim light (reflective light) in a few areas along the shadow sides would enhance the piece, which could be achieve through pulling in just a minute amount of the background tone into a section of the edge; in about 1/2 millimeter.

- Hall Groat
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