Student Painting of Pears, Learn to Paint Videos

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Student Statement

Hi Hall,

I’ve been working on modeling the planes together in my pear paintings. Thanks for all of your help and thoughtful comments.

- Shriley

Halls Critique

Hi Shirley,

This is a great piece!  You really nailed the form and subtle light within the pears.  In your next pear painting try to make the background and foreground different, which will add more depth and visual interest.  In this piece the background wall, and foreground fabric are too similar in temperature and value. The piece would be even more visually compelling if the fabric in the front had been made a bit lighter in value, or had a suggestion of color.  For example, white would be a nature, but also a muted blue would have complemented the tones in the pears quite well, too.

- Hall Groat
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