Bonnie Hui, Student Painting, Orange, Pear, Bananas

  • 20130620_171808

Student Statement

I created this piece based on some of the techniques I learned from your second DVD – Volume #2.  Thanks for your feedback.

- Bonnie

Halls Critique

This piece is quite accomplished. The composition and sense of form is appealing. One thing to explore in future works is moving the color temperature around your pieces a bit more. For example, allowing the orange color to appear as a very muted subdued orange-gray within a few other spots in the painting, such as within the green fabric, and bananas. The orange tends to isolate itself a bit.  It would also be helpful to introduce a few warm tonal transitions within your cast shadows.  Finally, work towards learning how to soften and diffuse edges along the shadow sides of forms.  Overall, the edges of the fruit forms are a bit too similar, which makes the forms appear static.

- Hall Groat
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