Svein Lindstad, Student Landscape Painting Critique

  • Student-Landscape-Painting-Critique

Student Statement

Hello again Hall

I hope I have now done the decrease of pictures right.
Since I have learned mostly all from Your DVD lessons I appreciate Your comments.
I am running steadily the dvds I have and specially nr 6-and from 21 to 26.

- svein

Halls Critique

This landscape piece is quite dynamic, and has lots of depth. In future pieces explore suggesting bits of the sky poking through sections of the foliage off in the distance.  The edge along the top, where the sky meets the tree-line is a bit too even, and it would seem that  small spots of the sky tone would filter through the leaves near the top, and around a few of the main branches.  It’s hard to tell from the image, but perhaps the cluster of geometric rocks along the middle of the right side could be varied through adding a few irregular, jagged edges and textual scrapes with the palette knife.

- Hall Groat
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