Critique of Sal’s Radishes – Volume 1 Painting DVD

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Student Statement

Radishes from Hall Groat II DVD on 16 X 20 canvas. The radishes appear brighter than the painting itself. Must be the flash photography.

- Sal

Halls Critique

Once again, you are achieving a compelling sense of atmospheric space through the soft brushwork. I feel that when you observe an actual still life you will see more in terms of “secondary planes.” This painting could be stronger if it contained more intense observation of the secondary planes. I’d like to see more intricate study of the leafy elements, and more accurate depiction of the thin, stringing roots that move towards us in space. The piece shows an understanding of contrasting and varying values in order to suggest form, in addition to a sense of light. Remember, to keep your shadows color. It’s good to have both warm in cool with in them, however in this painting (image may not be accurate) the shadows appear too warm.

Overall, you are doing well. I’d look for ways to vary the thickness and thinness of the paint, in terms of painting the lights thicker and keeping the darks/ shadows thin. Also, work to very the scale of your brushwork within the negative space, in terms of a large swooping scumble contrasted with small touches like you are doing now. Work with a #8 bristle brush within the negative space, and attempt to block in the areas in a more simplified manner.

I’m looking forward to your paintings of pears, apples, etc.



- Hall Groat
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