Critique of Sal’s Lemons, Volume 1 DVD, Painting Video

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Student Statement

Here is my first attempt at a Hall Groat II painting. It is a 16 x 20 on canvas.

- Sal

Halls Critique

There’s a lot of terrific things going on within this piece. In future works I’d strive towards moving tonalities around is very small amounts. For example, placing a very small amount of pale yellow in the negative space. Introducing some neutral grays into the green of the leaves so that the leaves do not isolate too much. Also, be sure to consider your accent marks and cast shadows so that the forms do not float. In this one the lemons appear to float just a little bit.

Moving some of the green from the leaves into the warm area above the yellow lemons would prevent the leaves from appearing isolated. Work towards visually unifying all elements through both color and value. When color is moved around within negative space be subtle … keep the color very muted –neutralized.

- Hall Groat
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