Student Work

Mike Sigault

I painted this 16×20 canvas in oils from a photo that I had taken while at the beach with my girlfriend.
It was in the early evening at Jones Beach on Long Island and it became windy so she put on my oversized sweatshirt.
I would appreciate any constructive criticism.

Anne Fuller Student Painting

After watching several of Hall’s videos, I set up this still life and began painting. I liked the outcome.

Barbara Rosenberg Critique

I work in acrylics, working the negative space and form.

Bonnie Hui, Student Painting, Orange, Pear, Bananas

I created this piece based on some of the techniques I learned from your second DVD – Volume #2.  Thanks for your feedback.

Sal’s Strawberries, How to Paint Strawberries

20 x 24 oil on canvas from Hall Groat II’s DVD – Volume 10

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