Student Work

Student Painting of Pears, Learn to Paint Videos

Hi Hall,

I’ve been working on modeling the planes together in my pear paintings. Thanks for all of your help and thoughtful comments.

Student Landscape Painting

Professor Groat, In this piece I’m attempting to get more atmosphere and depth in my landscape paintings. Your demo has really helped me understand how to do this.

Jin’s Painting of Apples

Hi,  I really enjoyed your DVD on painting apples. I decide to add one red apple to my composition, and then crop off at both sides.

Kevin’s Central New York Painting

Hi Hall,    In this piece I’m just trying to apply what I saw in your demo. This landscape is based on central New York.


Boa’s Landscape Painting

Hi Professer Groat,

This painting is based on the view from Bear Mountain, along the Hudson River. I’ve been working on developing my own landscape style, and hope to continue on my education.

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