Student Work

Tammy Powell Still life

I use the wet on wet technique with quite a bit of dry brushing. I have your DVD #1. I plan on buying the rest of them soon. I look forward to your critique! I paint every two days. The last 3 images I am seeing more and more the technique from your DVD. The last image is the beginning stage. Thank you in advance for reading & looking at my work. I have a strong desire to paint and I hope it shows in my work. Thank you,

Renee Fuqua, Rabbit with Eggs

Used Volume Two and your demo on painting eggs. Tried to loosen up my otherwise tight painting style. Painted 14×18 canvas panel that I primed with a very rough texture for fun. Added a bunny I named Mr. Whiskers. Submitted painting to be displayed in a local library in the children’s reading section.

Bev Ellison Eggs and Teacup

Bev Ellison Eggs and Teacup

Here is my first completed painting after watching one of your DVD’s. I tried to incorporate as many of your suggestions that I could: for example, varying the lights and darks and using color harmony through the painting, The painting is a little darker than the photo illustrates. My photography skills are not the best.

Jere Weaver Oil Paintings

I started painting 3 years ago and began with several of your DVDs. I painted around 100 paintings in the first year, 50 the second year and prob 30 or so this past year. I’ve been lucky enough to sell around 25 paintings, mostly still lifes and some pet portraits but I have given away most of my favorites. I am a dermatologist, so I only do this for fun but I had never painted before and am very grateful to you for getting me started.
I prefer realism to tonal painting. On complicated still lifes or portraits, I draw it first with a pencil then cover that with a very thin coat of acrylic. One of the most important things I have learned is how important the complexities of the shadows and reflections are, especially in stil life paintings.

Joanne Scoles Portraits

I take two painting classes, one in portraiture, one of them stiil-life or painting whatever you want using a picture. I decided on still-life and was attracted to metal objects. My instructor was fine, but I always loved Hall Groat’s paintings on the daily painters’ website. I seem to gravitate to realism type painting. So I ordered DVD’s on metals, glass, and fabric techniques. Very helpful! Especially with color, something I struggle with a great deal. So I combined what I learned from the DVD’s with my class instructor and I felt I achieved much more that way. I am grateful to have found Hall Groat’s instructional DVD ‘s.

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