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student baseball

Robert Green

I’m new to painting so I can’t really say I have a process yet. I’m intentionally trying to remain “open” and to let my experiences guide me in the right direction. For this painting I simply tried to replicate what you are doing in the DVD. (I did set up my own baseball to look at, which explains why the pattern of the stitches is a little different from yours.) What I have learned from my explorations so far is I prefer Oils to Acrylics or watercolors, I really prefer a limited palette and I seem to do better with subjects I paint in a loosely realistic style.


Bev Ellison

The nice thing about having monthly streaming video membership is to be able to access all 27 of Professor Groat’s instructional DVDs. I love it and can watch the demos any time I want. I prefer to paint in oils and start with a toned canvas using acrylic paints and then switch over to oils. I alternate between still life and animal paintings. I’ve included some of my recent works and would love to receive critiques so I might learn how to improve. I can’t really say which DVD they correspond to since I think I’ve watched as many as possible and learned something from each one.

Deb Favuzza

I watched the following videos: How to Paint Cherries (7), How to Paint Fabric (16), and Composition (18) I arranged a bowl of cherries on some fabric along with a plaque on a metal easel. I used a view finder to find a view that I liked. I toned my canvas and used my paintbrush to rough in the drawing. As I painted if I got stuck I just went back and referenced the videos to refresh in my mind how Professor Groat was painting his cherries and fabric.

Daniel Sniezek Landscape Painting

Daniel Sniezek Landscape Painting

I simply went outside. Found a great view of a local river and painted. Ok, on this painting I did not use a dark under painted. I used yellow ocher as the under painting. Then I went darker with a mixture of green and blue. I considered using black or pains gray but did not. As with the detail I went to lemon yellow. The sky had no under painting I went straight to darker blue then as I went to the horizon added more white. That is it for now.

Jeremy Doss

Jeremy Doss

I think I’m pretty happy with how the sea in the seascape turned out. But now that I look the clouds seem to be a bit overboard and perhaps too many hard edges? I’m not completely thrilled with the lighthouse either lol. What can I do to get a more realistic look for the lighthouse and buildings?

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