Student Work


Deb Favuzza

I have been painting along with lesson 2.

Grapes with Creamer Oil Painting

Deb Favuzza Painting of Grapes with Creamer

I painted along with lesson 2 of the video series to paints the creamer and grapes. I screen shot the picture so I could enlarge it to see detail at the end.

baseball painting student

Deb Favuzza Baseball Painting

I watched volume 2 on how to paint the baseball and followed along step by step. I went on to paint the eggs on the same video.

Deb Favuzza Painting of Lilies

I watched Video number 12 Painting Lilies and painted along. The painting I did is 16×20. I did some screen shots of the video so I could enlarge images to see them better.

student rose

Renee Fuqua Painting of Rose – Volume 11

Using Volume 11 – Painting Roses – I chose a single rose concept for an upcoming 2015 Winter Exhibit – Ti Amo! I used an 18″X14″ canvas panel with 3 coats of gesso sanded between layers. I struggled with the background space and changed it many times. I also kept putting in highlights using lemon yellow and cad Scarlett red and quin rose but it looked unnatural. So I am not sure how to add some sparkle. I was thinking perhaps a dew drop or two?

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