Mike Sigault

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Student Statement

I painted this 16×20 canvas in oils from a photo that I had taken while at the beach with my girlfriend.
It was in the early evening at Jones Beach on Long Island and it became windy so she put on my oversized sweatshirt.
I would appreciate any constructive criticism.

- Mike

Halls Critique

This piece has many fine qualities, such as the subtle color scheme, sense of atmospheric space and convincing suggestion of the ocean water glazing over top the sand.  The figure isolates a bit from the surrounding space, which could be resolved by pulling in some of the grayish sand tones into the flesh. For example, using the sand color to create more of a subtle half-tone to turn the form of the calves and thighs. The legs are too warm, and allowing the grayish tone to break the edge would also serve as soft rim light.  Exploring lost and found edges would also help with this. The horizon line is a bit static, and could be enhanced through varying (blurring)  the line where the sky meets the water.  The basic forms of the waves are OK, but the sky could have more depth through adding a bit of visual weight and warmness to the clouds that are along the top edge, and closest to us in space.  Hope this helps.


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- Hall Groat
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