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Student Statement

I am mostly self taught, I started painting late in my life. One day I felt a strong desire to paint my interpretation of the 23rd Psalm and that began my adventure in painting. I was 55 at the time and so I have been painting 14 years. I did take a couple of college semester trying to learn to pain, but my instructor was into abstracts, and although the class was listed as Oil Painting technique, she only taught abstract painting and I am a realist. I want to see a tree if that is what is supposed to be depicted.

I am a very poor drawer, but I can paint shapes, and so I start with an empty canvas and paint shapes until I accomplish what the photo I am painting from intends.

In this 6th painting, Is a landscape, and in it I studied painting water, depth perception, nearness and far away objects, and trees and foliage. It was difficult because it is so dark, and I had to still achieve depth although everything varying degrees of darkness.


Halls Critique

The composition is very successful. You have also done a terrific job at suggesting the contrasting textures of the foliage, wood and water through your different paint applications.   The trees, however, are overpowering the building, and should be pushed back into space a bit.  The white textural highlights are jumping foreward too much. As you have already mentioned, the perspective of the architecture could be enhanced, too.  In terms of enhancing the color harmony, you may want to explore pulling in just a small amount of the foliage colors into the brown wood, which would help unify the piece and prevent the buildings from being isolated. Overall the piece is quite attractive, and the calm water in the foreground is inviting.

- Hall Groat
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