Jeremy Doss

Student Statement

I think I’m pretty happy with how the sea in the seascape turned out. But now that I look the clouds seem to be a bit overboard and perhaps too many hard edges? I’m not completely thrilled with the lighthouse either lol. What can I do to get a more realistic look for the lighthouse and buildings?

- Jeremy

Halls Critique

Hi Jeremy,  This is a terrific painting, and reminds we of JMW Turner. Yes, I do agree with you about the lighthouse being not as convincing as the rest of the piece.  It’s a bit overstated right now. One idea would be to scumble some of the sky tones over top of a few sections of it in order to integrate it into the surrounding space.  Also, you might consider subduing a few of the window lights.  I’m also noticing that the perspective may be slightly off, and that the top of the gable roof should angle downward a bit more. –Seems like the top and bottom edges of the gable are parallel. Softening and loosing edges in a few key areas will also help.

- Hall Groat
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