Jere Weaver Oil Paintings

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Student Statement

I started painting 3 years ago and began with several of your DVDs. I painted around 100 paintings in the first year, 50 the second year and prob 30 or so this past year. I’ve been lucky enough to sell around 25 paintings, mostly still lifes and some pet portraits but I have given away most of my favorites. I am a dermatologist, so I only do this for fun but I had never painted before and am very grateful to you for getting me started.
I prefer realism to tonal painting. On complicated still lifes or portraits, I draw it first with a pencil then cover that with a very thin coat of acrylic. One of the most important things I have learned is how important the complexities of the shadows and reflections are, especially in stil life paintings.

- Jere

Halls Critique

Jere,  Thanks for sharing your very prolific work, and explaining that you are most inspired by realism.  In future paintings, I’d suggest exploring more variation within the negative space (areas surrounding your main subjects).  You might consider experimenting with subtle temperature and value transitions. For example, the introduction of a subtle nuance of warmth within the dark background of the glass wine carafe painting. This sort of element would also enhance your pear painting, and add visual interest.  I understand that you prefer more linear, hard-edge type realist painting, and your work would benefit from this element.  Take a look at how Peter Paul Rubens once varied his backgrounds:


- Hall Groat
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