Deb Favuzza Painting of Lilies

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Student Statement

I watched Video number 12 Painting Lilies and painted along. The painting I did is 16×20. I did some screen shots of the video so I could enlarge images to see them better.

- Deb

Halls Critique

Deb, This is a terrific painting!  Congratulations on this piece.  One can really see the improvement in your work overall from the paintings you created last summer.  With future pieces be careful  with the ellipses, and be certain that they are foreshortened correctly. Also when painting glass just paint the form of the glass as if it were not transparent, and be certain the value is dark enough. With this vase there may be a bit too much emphasis on both edges of the vase, along with the ellipse. With your next piece explore blurring in some of the surrounding tones from the background right through sections of the vase/glass edge in order push the curvature of the form. Also, attempt to minimize the white highlights, and perhaps apply them with the wooden end of the paintbrush .  Overall this is a really solid painting.

- Hall Groat
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