Deb Favuzza Painting of Grapes with Creamer

  • Grapes with Creamer Oil Painting

Student Statement

I painted along with lesson 2 of the video series to paints the creamer and grapes. I screen shot the picture so I could enlarge it to see detail at the end.

- Deb

Halls Critique

There’s lots of wonderful things taking place in the painting, including the richly painted metallic surface of the creamer, along with the succulent nature of the red grapes.  Continue to study cast shadows, and work towards bringing in some of the colors and values from the flanking object right into the cast shadow.  Keep the cast shadows passive, with minimal texture and suggestion of brushwork. Explore scumbling in and through cast shadows in order to get the tones to be integrated.  With the cast shadow in this piece there seems to be a bit of a hallow around it that’s over stated. Also, as the cast shadows extend away from the forms be sure to gradually note how they become lighter in value and more diffused.   Another thing to try out is using your metal palette knife to scrape into the surface of the wooden table to suggest subtle texture. Doing this also allows the paint strokes to merge together and take on an even more organic, wood-looking quality.

- Hall Groat
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