Deb Favuzza Baseball Painting

  • baseball painting student

Student Statement

I watched volume 2 on how to paint the baseball and followed along step by step. I went on to paint the eggs on the same video.

- Deb

Halls Critique

You certainly hit a high note with this baseball piece. The painting contains many rich painterly nuances, and the sense of atmospheric space is very compelling.  You really nailed both the warms and cools with the piece, which allow the leather to take on a very natural quality. The only thing I would suggest is to maybe introduce a little warmth within the rear / end of the cast shadow so that it does not isolate too much. You’ve kept the edges of cast shadow soft, but perhaps towards the end of the shadow it’s a bit too dark in value. The darkest dark usually is the point the cast shadow meets the form and than as it moves away, the value becomes a bit lighter and depending on the surrounding light, warmth may filter into it.

- Hall Groat
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