Daniel Sniezek Landscape Painting

Student Statement

I simply went outside. Found a great view of a local river and painted. Ok, on this painting I did not use a dark under painted. I used yellow ocher as the under painting. Then I went darker with a mixture of green and blue. I considered using black or pains gray but did not. As with the detail I went to lemon yellow. The sky had no under painting I went straight to darker blue then as I went to the horizon added more white. That is it for now.

- Daniel

Halls Critique

This is a very evocative, lush landscape painting where one can feel the warmth of the light and movement of the air.  The feeling of the brushwork is really engaging, too.   Two constructive comments: it would have been more convincing and elegant to have the water poke through several blades of grass.  The contour of the grass is a bit too sharp, and in nature we would actually see more of an irregular edge with the water peeking through, similar to how the sky pokes through the leaves and branches of a tree.  Also, a little more finesse with the branches of the right tree would be more nature. They are a bit too thick!   Overall a very solid painting!

- Hall Groat
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