Chris Moore, Painting Critique


Student Statement

I use materials that I feel will fit the subject. Watercolours, pastel and oil are my favour mediums. I like to do sketches and choose my colour palette. This is combination of pencil, pastel and watercolour. Using tonalist and observing values DVD. Thank you for the follow-up on our progress. It can lonely out here at times.

- Chris

Halls Critique

The composition of this piece is outstanding.   The over all sense of form and sensitivity towards the fine serpentine marks is compelling. In your next piece I’d explore working towards bringing in a bit more of the warm tones from the negative space into the achromatic, black, white and gray passages of the nest. This would give the nest a bit more depth and richness, and enhance the sense of monochromatic color harmony. Introducing some of the warmth into the cast shadows is worth experimenting with, too.

- Hall Groat
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