Anne Fuller Student Painting

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Student Statement

After watching several of Hall’s videos, I set up this still life and began painting. I liked the outcome.

- Anne

Halls Critique

The overall color scheme of the piece is dynamic! The way in which the blue and orange compliment one another contributes to the sense of movement and form.  One of my favorite aspects of the piece is the way in which the negative space is handled with the modular brushwork, and hints of warm tones merging through the coolness. The triangular composition works well, too.  Areas that could potentially be enhanced are the drawing  of the ellipses of both the cup and teapot, along with the spoon.  Also, the cast shadow to the left of the teapot suggests that their is a directional light source., which means there may be a slightly more extended cast shadow to the left of the teacup, too.  There also could be a bit more of a light to dark shadow on the right side of the teacup, which would add to the sense of form.  The handling of the pattern on the teapot works well, too.

Great work overall, and I look forward to seeing others.

- Hall Groat
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