Streaming Video Membership Overview

Oil Painting Lessons On-line

Membership Fees

$25 per month

$250 per year

Please note, that the monthly membership fee is not automatically set up as a recurring payment.  We will bill you one month at a time, unless you request to have set up a recurring monthly payment plan.  Payments may be made through Paypal or with any major credit card through

Membership Benefits

  • Learn from fellow students
  • Post your paintings in student forums for critiques
  • Ask questions regarding video lessons
  • View all 27 Hall Groat instructional videos, including over 50 hours of narrated instruction
  • DVD overviews 
  • Oil Painting Course Curriculum 

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for an account!  Monthly Membership    |  Annual Membership 
  2. If you prefer, e-mail me and I will send you a Paypal Invoice and set your account up for you and then e-mail you a username and password
  3. Log-in to member account: enter your username and password  Member Log-in
  4. Navigate to “My Profile”, “Video Lessons”, or “Forums”
  5. View Video Lessons by clicking on each DVD square cover graphic or on “watch now” text below watch graphic.
  6. Learn how to use Student Forums: How to Use Student Forum
  7. Student Critique Forum: Student Critique Forum 

Account Assistance

Online Payments


Hello Oil Painters,   If you are having trouble setting up your streaming video membership account, please e-mail me at or call 607-759-0058 and I will assist you with the registration process.  


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