Required Readings – ART 125 – Introduction to Computer Graphics


Please read the articles at each of the links, and then post your answers to the questions directly within your WordPress course portfolio/blog.  Feel free to use images of your own artwork or images you research on the web to support your answers. If you do use images from the web be certain to include proper citation.  Each reading assignment is due prior to the listed class session date. The grading of your written posts will be calculated within the assessment rubrics used to grade each of the main course projects.

(Citation Example: Author or Artist if available. (Year image was created). Title of work [Type of Work]. Retrieved from URL of website

Netter, F. (2005). Heart [Electronic illustration]. Retrieved from

What is Graphic Design?

Due: February 5th

CLICK THIS LINK TO READ: What is Visual Communication Design?

1.  In your own words, what is graphic design and what are a few common examples of visual products that graphic designers create?  Post an example of three different types of graphic design products, and describe what the purpose of each is.  Describe what aspects of the designs make them visually compelling?

2. Post an example of an innovative image-based design and describe what attracted you to this design. A image-based design is a graphic design piece that is completely based on an image. (i.e. photograph, illustration, drawing, painting, etc.)

3. Post an example of a type and image design and describe what  is the center of attention or area of emphasis. (The area that stands out and that you look at first; in other words, the focal point!) A type and image design includes both an image(s) and type. For example, a poster, billboard, magazine cover, etc.

4. Post an example of a logo or symbol that you find visually appealing and describe how the form of the design expresses its content.   (In other words, how does the logo or symbol symbolically communicate a message?)

5. Carefully study the AIGA, the Professional Association for Design, and described five (5) things that you’ve learned from studying the web site.

Where Do Visual Communication Designers Work

Due: February 12th

CLICK THIS LINK TO READ: Where Do Communication Designers Work?

6. What types of organizations do Visual Communication Designers work for?

7. Describe three (3) types of business within Broome County that require the services of Visual Communication Designers, and what the specific role of the designers may be?

8. In your opinion, how is the field of Visual Communication Design evolving?

The “Rule of Thirds”,  “Golden Section”, Page Layout

Due: February 19th

Rule of Thirds

Golden Ratio

Page Layout

9.  Describe what the “Rule of Thirds” means?  DESIGN AND THEN POST your own infographic that illustrates what the “Rule of Thirds” refers to. (#1 design you create on your own time)

10.  Why do graphic designers consider the “Golden Ratio” when designing?”  Post an example of a design that is based on the “Golden Ratio.”

11. What does page layout refer to, and how does a grid enhance the readability of a page layout?

Who Becomes a Graphic Designer / Types of Graphic Designers at Work  / Graphic Design Creative Process 

Due: February 26th

Who Becomes A Graphic Designer?

Types of Design – Designers at Work?

Graphic Design Creative Process

12. Describe three (3) skills that graphic designers have that distinguish them from other people?

13.  Post an example of a type and image-based design, and describe three (3) areas that could be enhanced.

14.  Describe the seven (7) steps or phases that are involved in the creative process.  DESIGN AND THEN POST (design #2) an informative infographic that visually depicts the seven (7) phases of the creative process (#2 design you create on your own time)

15. When “gathering information” during step #2, what are the eight (8) questions you must ask?

Typography and Font

Due: March 11th



16.  What does typography refer to?

17. Describe three characteristics of font (or typography), and post examples of each of these.

18.  Describe five (5) characteristics of typography. DESIGN AND THEN POST an informative infographic that visually depicts the five (5) characteristics of typography. (#3 design you create on your own time)

Five Classic Typefaces – Font Families

Due: March 18th

Five Classic Typefaces

Garamond  :  Old Style Font Family 1617  (French)

Baskerville: Transitional Font Family 1757 (English)

Bodoni: Modern Font Family 1780 (Italian)

Century : Egyptian Font Family 1894 (American)

Helvetica: Contemporary 1957 (Swiss)

19. Post an example of a design where Garamond was used, and describe below the post three characteristics of the Garamond font.

20.  What makes the Transitional font different from Garamond?

21. Post an example of a design where a Helvetica font was used, and describe how this choice of font visually enhances the design.

22. DESIGN AND THEN POST an informative infographic that visually depicts and distinguishes the five classic typefaces. (#4 design you create on your own time)

Anatomy of a Character

Due: March 25th

Anatomy of a Character

Typeface Anatomy

23. What is the little round thing at the very bottom of this letter “y” called?

24. What is the center of this letter “O” called?

25. What is the little round thing at the top, right of this letter “r” called?

26. What is the left side of this letter “h” called?

27. What is the overall height, from top to bottom, of the letter “H” called?

28. What is overall height, from top to bottom, of this letter “x” called?

29. Design an informative infographic that visually depicts / illustrates typeface anatomy. (#5 design you create on your own time)

Typographical Pairing 

Due: April 8th

Beginners Guide to Pairing Fonts 

30. Post one of your designs that you believe you have successfully paired two styles of fonts, and describe  how the font styles complement one another.

DESIGN AND THEN POST an informative infographic that visually depicts / illustrates visually pleasing typographical pairing. (#6 design you create on your own time)

Starting A Graphic Design Business

Due: April 22nd

Graphic Design Business

Types of Graphic Design Portfolios

The Benefits of a Graphic Design Blog

31.  Describe three types of graphic design portfolios.

32. Describe five ways for promoting your graphic design business.

33.  If you started your own graphic design business what approach would you used to set your rates/prices?

What to Ask Your Client During the First Meeting

Due: April 29th

Working with your client

34. Describe the six questions or areas you must address when meeting with your client?



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