Quit Saying “My Kids Got Talent”

Quit Saying “My Kids Got Talent”  

How About “My Kid Shows An Aptitude For…”

How many times do we hear proud parents boast, saying “my kids got talent”? What gives parents the insight to judge if their kids got talent? Many parents usually know nothing about art in the first place, and using the word “talent “may confuse the kid and the parents. No wonder kids are messed up when they hear the word “talent”. Be smart and encouraging by saying,” my kid shows an aptitude for art” and only if the kid continually draws or paints and becomes memorized by creative pictures or designs. Kids develop at different ages and you can see this from their writing skills. Some are slow learning how to print “cat or doggie” and yet may grow up to be great artists. I was the worst artist in my first grade class at Edward Smith School—and it meant absolutely nothing. By the sixth grade, I was already becoming the best artist in my class. Now we can say,” that is a slow learner”. But I became “one minded” and drew pictures all day and in my study halls in junior high school, I never studied my homework. I just drew airplane dog fights and went home and drew cartoons. In fact I often feel like a “victim of the age of specialization”. This is only an illustration of “aptitude for art” and it is in no way a precursor for becoming an artist—or for that matter—having “talent”.

It’s important in a child’s development, to offer exposure to as many areas as you can. They may have a hidden desire to be an architect; a basket weaver; auto mechanic or a hundred other directions in life. Many kids become so confused they end up becoming nothing —just drop-outs. Many times it’s the parents pushing them in directions which are out of the kids comfort zone. My grandson writes music and sells it on line. Now—that’s cool! And yes, he shows an “APTITUDE FOR MUSIC”

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