Vintage Mickey Mantle Baseball, Giclee, New Yankees

  • Babe Ruth Baseball with Bat - The New York Yankees 24 x 30 inches Oil on canvas by Hall Groat II

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Vintage Mickey Mantle Baseball, Giclee, New Yankees

Gallery wrapped giclée print,

24×30 inches by Hall Groat Hall Groat II

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Vintage Mickey Mantle Baseball

Gallery wrapped giclée prints available in standard and custom sizes. Perfect for home, office, or interior design project. This giclee was created from an original oil painting is of a vintage baseball and bat, and was inspired by Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees . It’s painted in a classical style in umber, gold, yellow, red, gray, and blue tones.

Mickey Mantle was born on October 20, 1931 in Spavinaw, Oklahoma. Scouted while in high school, Mantle joined the majors at age 19. He played his first game for the Yankees in 1951 and stayed with the team for his entire 18-year career, hitting 536 home runs and being named the American League’s Most Valuable Player three times. He died in Texas in 1995.

Artist Statement

Painting has the potential to reveal the extraordinary within the mundane and overlooked. Through the use of metaphor, I often incorporate various social and political issues through diverse still life forms that are connected with both our consumer-driven culture and natural environment. Quirky associations, involving the machine, brand identity, food, monetary currency and nature, may serve as icons of consumerism, invoke hunger, or question the duality of nature and the machine. I’m drawn to the transformative qualities of these objects. A single object may speak of spiritual stillness and timelessness, or engage the viewer in a very different dialogue when combined with other elements. Painting that merges modern art discoveries with a classical aesthetic, often pushes me toward subjects that blur the boundaries between the familiar and the unconventional.

As a child I explored the world through collage, and was fascinated with how geometric shapes of paper could be assembled into abstract configurations. The compositions were simple at first, however later took on a sense of depth and richness as other materials were added to obscure forms. The collages often ended up looking quite mystical, which may have been a result of countless hours spent out-of-doors, and my fascination with the changes that took place in nature over time and distance. Now as a perceptual painter, I find that my strongest work emerges when elements from these formative years mesh with the present, resulting in art that may pose more questions than provide answers.

Mickey Mantle Vintage Baseball Giclee, New Yankees
Mickey Mantle Vintage Baseball Giclee, New Yankees
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