Triumphal Arch Artwork Rome, Giclee Print

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Triumphal Arch Artwork Rome, Giclee Print

Triumphal Arch Artwork

Gallery wrapped giclée print

11×14 inches by Hall Groat II

Triumphal Arch Artwork.  Gallery wrapped giclée prints available in standard and custom sizes.  Triumphal Arch Artwork  Prints are  perfect for home, office, or interior design projects.

Triumphal Arch Artwork print sizes:  5×7″–$40 | 6×8″–$45| 8×10″–$60 | 11×14″– $90 | 16×20″– $165 | 18×24″– $250 | 24×30″–$325 | 30×40″–$450

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The origins of the Roman triumphal arch are unclear. Monumental gateways had already been in use for hundreds of years by civilizations such as the Hittites, Assyrians, Babylonians and Myceneans.[1] There were precursors to the triumphal arch within the Roman world; in Italy, theEtruscans used elaborately decorated single bay arches as gates or portals to their cities. Surviving examples of Etruscan arches can still be seen at Perugia and Volterra.[2] The two key elements of the triumphal arch – a round-topped arch and a square entablature – had long been in use as separate architectural elements in ancient Greece. The Greeks made comparatively little or no use of the arch, confining it to structures such as tombs and sewers that were under external pressure, but made extensive use of entablatures in their temples. Entablatures were an essential part of the structural fabric of such buildings, as they were used to hold up the roofs. The great innovation of the Romans was to combine a round arch and a square entablature in a single free-standing structure. The columns became purely decorative elements on the outer face of arch, while the entablature, liberated from its role as a building support, became the frame for the civic and religious messages that the arch builders wished to convey.[3]

Triumphal Arch Artwork.

Triumphal Arch Artwork
Triumphal Arch Artwork
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