Seneca Lake Wine Country, Finger lakes by Hall Groat Sr.

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Seneca Lake Wine Country, Finger lakes by Hall Groat Sr.


24×48 in. Oil on stretched canvas by Hall Groat Sr.


This original oil on gallery wrapped museum canvas is of the vineyards of Seneca Lake, which is one of the Central New York Finger lakes.  This evocative painting possesses a mood and sense of light that one experiences on a sunny day while traveling along the finger lakes.   It’s painted in rich red, blue, yellow, violet, gray and green tones.

Finger Lakes — A Little Wine and Cheese While Painting 

by Hall Groat Sr.  

After many requests in regard to my 24 x 48 in.oil depicting the “FINGER  LAKES”, let`s first examine the lakes origin which began several million years ago. Unless you’re a geologist and interested in the particular lakes which were once filled with sea water— you probably are more interested in the exceptional vineyards which are producing the best grapes in our hemisphere. Therefore, many of the best wineries are in the Finger Lakes region. It all starts with the waters—   Mother Nature has been good to our Finger Lakes wineries with just the right chemistry, including sunshine, rich earth and water for producing healthy vines. Just how you may identify a particular wine can best be answered by the folks who produce it. Wine tours are a great way to learn about fine wine. As a full time working artist, I have often found inspiration traveling through the Finger Lakes Region on my old B S A—750 CC motorcycle or my Lincoln Continental Mark 3 convertible with family or friends. My “Finger Lakes “painting depicts an overview of Cayuga Lake on a clear sunny day. The foreground suggests the vineyards close to the highway — bordering the western side of the lake with vineyards leading down into a gorgeous lakeside row of autumn trees in blazing yellow and orange. Hidden among the trees are suggestions of cottages and a sail boat ready to head out for a Cayuga Lake race. Other sail boats are suggested in the center of my composition. Across the lake on the eastern shore line —tiny suggestions of cottages are hinted at while the sun lights up the country hills in the distance.  Gorgeous cloud formations in soft pink and violet streak across the light blue sky.


Painting pictures of the Finger Lakes is not unlike making fine wine. You need the sun to reveal those deep rich areas of vegetation as well as the brilliance of the lakeside trees —which always inspire this artist. Interesting subject matter will appear and then disappear into shadows and a painter has to develop a good eye to decide just what will work in his composition. A little wine and cheese while painting can also stimulate one`s desire to be creative.  A person`s taste in wine can be as varied as that of selecting works of art. The first thing you may remember about an art opening is the wine served and if from a Finger Lakes winery, you have surely enjoyed yourself. Chardonnay is the most popular wine requested by my patrons while they check out my latest work based on the “FINGER  LAKES.” The visual impact of original painting can offer your guests an interesting topic of conversation to reflect on.

Seneca Lake Wine Country

Seneca Lake Wine Country, Finger lakes
Seneca Lake Wine Country, Finger lakes
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