Robert W Daley Architecture Watercolor For Sale

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Robert W Daley Architecture Watercolor For Sale

Robert W Daley Architecture Watercolor

The Weather Vane, 1988

21×29″ Watercolor
$3,500 Framed

14 by 21 inches unframed, 21×29 framed

Watercolor, framed, 1988, AWS

Bob W Daley:  Dream Life of An Artist  

Robert W Daley landscape watercolor: As a young man, he joined the Coast Guard and was assigned duty as Combat Illustrator in the Pacific. Imagine sketching Japanese Zeros diving on your ship while you are recording the action in a sketch book. Many of his paintings and sketches were published in magazines before most of us were born. Bob Daley started art studies as a kid in his home town of San Bernardino, Ca.  He entered art school in Los Angeles as well as San Bernardino Valley Union College. Bob was very tall and well built— a man nobody would mess with. Ironically, he had a soft side revealed in his pastoral paintings of flowers, peaceful woodlands, birds and farmlands. He soon became art director for a Civic Light Opera Company and painted backdrop murals— later a mural at Royal Palm Yacht Club in Boca Raton. He literally traveled the whole USA painting murals. Moving to New York City at thirty, he worked at architectural rendering. However, his desire to return to the sea inspired him to become artist -in-residence for Norwegian Cruise Lines. Robert W Daley landscape watercolor works are filled with lush, vibrant colors.

I met Bob Daley at Tyringham Galleries in the Berkshires where we both exhibited our work. He was a flamboyant person and loved costume parties held at both the gallery and at his various residences in New England. I acquired a selection of his water color paintings for my art leasing business in the 1980`s from his Holyoke, Ma studio. He also demonstrated his way of creating over-sized water color paintings. It all tied together as I came to the realization: this man, now in his seventies had been living like most artists can only dream of—bigger than life! Robert W Daley was a very devoted and inpsired artist throughout his career. It is evident within Robert W Daley landscape watercolor paintings that the artist was a gifted technician.

Robert W. Daley Artist Biography

Robert W Daley Daley was a native of San Bernardino and his life as an artist has been filled with excitement. He studied art in Los Angeles before WW11. The U S Coast Guard assigned him as an official combat artist. He illustrated many battles in the South Pacific. After the war Daley became director of the Civic light Opera Company. He also enjoyed painting set designs and went on to create important murals throughout the western states. In 1952 at thirty years of age Robert headed for N Y C and built an art career as a watercolorist and mural painter. He was active and successful in winning top awards for his art including American Watercolor Society, American Academy of Arts and Letters. etc. With his love for the sea he spent several years as artist -in- residence on cruise ships M S Sagafjord and Vistafjord of Norwegian-American lines. Owner of his own gallery in Lenox Ma brought him in contact with hundreds of clients for his art. He was also a resident in Ft Lauderdale, Fl. While living in the south he created a mural for the Royal Palm Yacht Club in Boca Raton. I met Bob Daley at Tyringham Gallery and at an exhibition at his new studio in Windsor, Berkshire Hills, and Western Ma. He was working on his over-sized water color paintings of landscapes and floral designs. Bob was an experienced traveler and took his painting career with him throughout life.

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Robert W Daley Flowers Watercolor


Robert W Daley Landscape Watercolor
Robert W Daley Landscape Watercolor
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