Painting Onions, Tonalist Painting Techniques DVD

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Volume 13

Painting Onions, Tonalist Painting Techniques DVD


Painting Onions, Tonalist Painting Techniques DVD

Tonalist Painting Technique
In Tonalist Painting Hall introduces the 19th century tradition of tonalism through painting an intimate still life involving two onions with a beautiful violet vase on a gold cloth! Included within the two-hour demonstration are brilliant close-up shots of Hall’s traditional brushwork, color mixing techniques and theories, in addition to views of his studio as he discusses his painting at different stages.Through Hall’s step-by-step approach, he outlines the process that was used by such classical 19th century painters as Edgar Degas and George Inness.  Hall teaches us how to paint stunning tonalist paintings and addresses such topics as creating atmospheric spaces, softening and diffusing edges, working with the palette knife, and suggesting brilliant, shimmering light.  “In tonalist painting colors are subdued and edges disappear, while forms are poetically understated through vague and ethereal suggestions.” tonalist painting technique.

Notes of Tonalist Painting

Lennart Anderson, Hall Groat II’s former painting teacher, speaks about striving to paint the “quality of the place” within the subject, and avoiding being locked into one definitive drawing. He states that it’s different than what they teach you in art school. As one observes and learns more about the subject, the contour and placement of the form will shift. One is always studying the internal relationships of the forms within space. This observational process is quite evident in his work through the abstracted, non-self conscious nature of his paint surface. He defines “quality” as both the value and ineffable color.

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Artist, Hall Groat II, Lenox, MA, Berkshires, Summer 2013

Vol 13
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