Floral Painting Techniques Video, Oil Paint Lilies Flowers

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Floral Painting Techniques Video, Oil Paint Lilies Flowers


Floral Painting Techniques Video, Oil Paint Lilies Flowers

Learn how to separate your light from dark values, and prevent your color from getting muddy and overworked. Hall demonstrates techniques for introducing background variation and movement, accents and cast shadows, and realizing the primary and secondary planes of the motif. Included within the two hour demonstration are informative close-up shots of how Hall builds form with a bristle brush, methods of mixing the paint, and suggesting a mood. This particular floral painting techniques video will provide you with a wonderful foundation of how to paint a variety of different flowers.

Notes on Observing Floral Planes

            Squinting enables one to observe the essence of the form, which is the most basic relationship of form in space. Spend time studying the subject before you, observing the basic relationships of light against dark and light against shadow. Paint the primary forms as large spots of color and value first. Consider the major relationships between the colors and values of the primary forms. Don’t begin with the details and secondary forms. During the process of painting the primary forms, details will often be naturally suggested through the movement and character of your brushstrokes.

            Identify the darkest and lightest value of your subject during the initial stages, and paint this relationship. This will provide you a solid foundation to work from. Always think and observe in terms of “general to specific.” Study the overall ambiance and mood of the motif prior to the specific temperature and edge quality of a cast shadow. Do not attempt to blend secondary planes of forms together during the beginning stages of a painting. Instead, superimpose brushstrokes on top of one another. This approach will enable the color or tone to retain its original value, and not be altered, and also lend itself to a more vibrant and expressive painting.

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vol 12
Oil Paint Lilies, Floral Painting Techniques Video
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