Oil Painting Instructional Video, Tangerines

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Volume 9

Oil Painting Instructional Video, Tangerines


Oil Painting Instructional Video, Tangerines

In this Oil painting instructional video Hall demonstrates how to paint a classic composition of tangerines with beautiful green leaves and branches strewn on a royal blue tabletop!  This delightful demonstration includes engaging technique discussions, relating to suggesting form,  dramatic light, color temperature and blending. Learn how to suggest movement and atmosphere through placing warm and cool subtle tones side by side.  Create dramatic chiaroscuro, light and shadow illusions, while learning how to suggest mysterious lost and found edges.  See firsthand how hall suggests the subtle texture of these three luminous tangerines through scumbling with the bristle brush.  Art students worldwide have expressed how they enjoy how Professor Groat breaks down complex concepts into simple, understandable steps. He also approaches the teaching of oil painting as a fine artist, and often references classical painters from different points in history.

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Vol 9
How to Paint Tangerines DVD Demonstration
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