Neckties, Acrylic, Original Paintings for Sale

  • Neckties 48x35 Acrylic on canvas By Hall Groat Sr.

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Neckties, Acrylic, Original Paintings for Sale

Original Paintings for Sale

Neckties 48×35 Acrylic on canvas By Hall Groat Sr.


Gallery wrapped giclée prints are also available in sizes ranging from 8×10 to 30×40 inches, which are perfect for the home or corporate office.  This evocative piece is an original painting of a grouping of neckties.  It’s painted in rich red, blue, gold, gray, violet and green tones.

Necties are a metaphor for my departure from a lack-luster nine to five job in a corporation after graduation from Syracuse University. I have depicted a random selection of ties hanging in disarray. The painting represents total freedom for this misplaced artist who  had no idea of employment in his major in art illustration. This work was featured in Cooperstown National Art Expedition many years ago.

American Impressionist: Hall Groat Sr.

By Jim Hall, Art Critic, Rochester, New York

Always self-confident, Groat’s brushwork has become even bolder and more assertive. In many of the works presented, we find the paint is applied in broad strokes or highly apparent daubs and drips, heightening our sense of disparity between the creative energy of the artist and the refined sophistication of the image. The surface of these paintings is thicker, with the addition of sand and occasionally collage to the medium, so that lines are inscribed into the surface as often as painted upon it. The hallmark of Groat’s style remains his uncanny ability to organize compositions through color. But those who recall the soft, brooding landscapes of the past will find here a warmer, more vibrant palette, with more strident contrasts of both hue and value. So, too, has the ambient light of earlier landscapes become more focused and dramatic. In paintings like Monhegan Surf, the light which illuminates the landscape has become the subject of the painting. “Groat’s depiction often treads a fine line between realism and abstraction. Objects or entire scenes come into our presence with the force of belated recognition.”

The Self-representing Artist

By Hall Groat Sr.

Forty years of dragging art to galleries from Cape Cod to Sarasota and struggling to make a living have come to an end. The way artists have had to work with galleries as middlemen was a big disaster.

Most artists have had to put their art on consignment while the galleries keep hiking up their commissions.  Freedom for artists has come by way of cyberspace and a new breed of self-representing artists are enjoying what is rightfully theirs–direct contact with their customers. We are now the deal makers and can reap the profits without working through an established gallery.

No longer is there a need for a critic to nod approval to a young artist who dreads what a bad review can do to his career. The artist is in the driver’s seat now and galleries as we know them are dying on the vine. each year there are fewer of these antiquated establishments in business. Art lovers can now enjoy the luxury of attending an opening on-line and meet the artist through his podcast or personal on line store or any number of innovating ideas.

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