Multiple DVD’s – Oil Painting Instruction Video – DVD

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Volume 28

Multiple DVD’s – Oil Painting Instruction Video – DVD

Purchase Oil Painting Instructional Videos and DVDs


Choose any combination and quantity of Hall Groat II DVDs you would like to purchase. There are 27 different DVDs in total to select from!  You may either make your selections through simply checking off the boxes next to each DVD at the bottom of the page, then select the correct quantity, price and then add to the cart to pay for immediately. –Or, just simply fill out the “Submit Your Order of DVDs Form” below  and I will just send you a Papal invoice for the DVDs you choose. USPS  Priority Mail – United States Postal Service:  $5.15 within US  | $23.95 Outside of US.  Payment may be used with any credit card through or Paypal


Buy 2 or more and get a 15% discount off total price

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Buy 20 or more and get a 50% discount off total price


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Hello Oil Painters,   If you are having trouble placing your order, please e-mail me at the DVDs you would like to purchase and I will send you a Paypal invoice directly.  I also will accept checks or money orders.  My cell phone number is 607-759-0058.  Please give me a call if you have any questions!

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Multiple DVD's
Multiple dvd's by selecting which dvd's you would like, then select the corresponding quantity.
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11 DVD$25.00
22 DVD's$43.00
33 DVD's$64.00
44 DVD's$85.00
55 DVD's$94.00
66 DVD's$113.00
77 DVD's$131.00
88 DVD's$140.00
99 DVD's$145.00
1010 DVD's$150.00
1111 DVD's$165.00
1212 DVD's$180.00
1313 DVD's$195.00
1414 DVD's$210.00
1515 DVD's$225.00
1616 DVD's$230.00
1717 DVD's$235.00
1818 DVD's$240.00
1919 DVD's$245.00
2020 DVD's$250.00
2121 DVD's$263.00
2323 DVD's$288.00
2424 DVD's$300.00
2525 DVD's$313.00
2626 DVD's$325.00
Additional Options
DVD Selection
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#OptionSale Price
1VOLUME 1: How to Paint Lemons DVD Lessons$0.00
2VOLUME 2: Oil Painting for Beginners, Art Lessons at Home$0.00
3VOLUME 3: Learn to Oil Paint: Cookies, Milk & Pocket watch$0.00
4VOLUME 4: Oil Painting Tools, Practices, and Principles$0.00
5VOLUME 5: Color Schemes and Harmonies$0.00
6VOLUME 6: Learn to Oil Paint DVD, Painting Apples$0.00
7VOLUME 7: Learn How to Oil Paint Step by Step Cherries$0.00
8VOLUME 8: How to Paint Pears in Oil Instructional DVD Video$0.00
9VOLUME 9: How to Paint Tangerines DVD Demonstration$0.00
10VOLUME 10: Learn to Paint Still Lives – Bowl of Strawberries$0.00
11VOLUME 11: How to Paint Flowers, Bouquet of Red Roses DVD Lesson$0.00
12VOLUME 12: Oil Paint Lilies, Floral Painting Techniques Video$0.00
13VOLUME 13: Painting Onions, Tonalist Painting Techniques DVD$0.00
14VOLUME 14: How to Paint Metal Surfaces, DVD Instruction$0.00
15VOLUME 15: Glass Oil Painting Techniques DVD Demonstrations$0.00
16VOLUME 16: How to Paint Fabric Folds Demonstration DVD Lessons$0.00
17VOLUME 17: How to Paint Light Instructional Techniques DVD$0.00
18VOLUME 18: How to Compose a Painting, Composition Techniques DVD$0.00
19VOLUME 19: Painting Florence Italy, Arno River, Techniques DVD$0.00
20VOLUME 20: Marine Painting Techniques, How to Paint the Ocean DVD$0.00
21VOLUME 21: How to Paint Landscapes Video, Painting Ireland DVD$0.00
22VOLUME 22: How to Paint Waterfalls Step-by-step Techniques DVD$0.00
23VOLUME 23: Oil Painting Techniques, How to Paint Desserts Video$0.00
24VOLUME 24: Learn to Paint Still life Vegetables, DVD Lessons$0.00
25VOLUME 25: Landscape Painting Techniques DVD, Adirondacks Stream$0.00
26VOLUME 26: Learning to Paint Values, Linear Gray scale DVD Class$0.00
27VOLUME 27: How to Oil Paint Night Scenes, Brooklyn Bridge, NYC$0.00
28VOLUME 28: Antique Roller Skates $0.00
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Order Multiple dvd's by selecting which dvd's you would like, then select the corresponding quantity.
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