Learn to Paint Still Lives – Bowl of Strawberries

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Learn to Paint Still Lives – Bowl of Strawberries


Learn to Paint Still Life – Bowl of Strawberries

In this entertaining video we learn to paint still lives of a mouthwatering bowl of ripe strawberries. Join Hall in his studio, while he explains how to suggest the characteristic textures and details of this seductive fruit. Watch Hall map out the basic composition and color scheme on his canvas, and mix various shades of red. Learn how to create a sense of tonal harmony through creatively moving color temperature throughout your painting. Through clear and concise steps, learn how to develop your still life painting in stages. This two hour tutorial is perfect for beginning and intermediate students. Learn to paint still lives with lively colors and brushwork.

Artist’s Notes on Still life Painting

Learn to Paint Still lives

Learning to paint still lives in a classical style requires one to practice observing the world in a completely new way. You have to become a child once again. Instead of looking at apples as just round forms strewn on a tabletop, one must learn how to see them in terms of both color and value within the space that they rest.  This empty space that surrounds the apples, believe it or not, has a unique color and value, too, and must be observed as carefully as the fruit itself.

Learning how to paint well and the process of becoming an artist are completely different. Good paintings are about mastery of craft; whereas a fine artist has to achieve a balance between mastery of craft and the idea behind the painting: its content!  Don’t bother trying to be an artist in the beginning; first learn the fundamentals of painting before setting out to consciously make paintings about grand ideas. The simplest subjects often make the most profound statements. It is better to make a small painting about a big idea, rather than a monumental painting that expresses nothing.  If you study nature daily through your paintings, there will be great truth in your work. What you see in the world provides the answers. If you study painting daily over time you will learn to paint still lives.

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Artist, Hall Groat II, Lenox, MA, Berkshires, Summer 2013

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Painting a Bowl of Strawberries, DVD Tutorial Lesson
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