John Maziarz Art, The Mountains, Acrylic and Collage

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John Maziarz Art, The Mountains, Acrylic and Collage

John Maziarz, American Artist

John Maziarz Art

The Mountains #6

27″x40″ Acrylic and Collage on linen canvas, 1988
$6,450  Framed

John Maziarz: A Massachusetts artist John D. Maziarz was both the artist-in-Residence and art Teacher at Mount Greylock School, Williamstown, MA., from 1961 to 1999. During this period he regularly exhibited his art throughout New England. Maziarz was the teacher of such contemporary artists as Dennis Pinette.

John Maziarz Artist and Educator

John Maziarz exhibited his paintings in the Berkshires for many years and was an art teacher at Mt. Greylock School in Williamstown, Ma. He invited me to his home nestled in between boulders and trees by Greylock Mountain above Adams. We both exhibited at Williams College and with Tyringham Galleries, Ma. Behind his home was a barn used as his studio. He had hundreds of paintings crammed into every space available in the barn. The best way to describe Maziarz`s work is the way its composed. His paintings are all about landscape and the compositions are constructed angular in format. Although his works are brilliant, they are often primitive. When asked where his inspiration comes from, he said “I live up the mountainside in the rocks and that is what I paint” When one is to look at his home and studio, the word primitive screams out at you. There was honesty in his unpretentious comment, also refreshing as you realize Maziarz and his paintings are one in the same- never to be referred to as pristine. “Perhaps he is actually Cezanne re-incarnated” is a silly notion I took home from my visit. There are studies on paper and large framed oils on canvas in our collection and his works make a strong statement to this collector.

John Maziarz Art,
John Maziarz Art,
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