Irish Scenic Prints, Ring of Kerry Ireland

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Irish Scenic Prints, Ring of Kerry Ireland

Irish Scenic Prints, Ring of Kerry Ireland

Ring of Kerry Landscape

Gallery wrapped giclée print

16×20 inches by Hall Groat II

Irish scenic prints.  Gallery wrapped giclée prints available in standard and custom sizes. Irish scenic prints are is perfect for home, office, or interior design project.

Irish scenic prints  Sizes:  5×7″–$40 | 6×8″–$45| 8×10″–$60 | 11×14″– $90 | 16×20″– $165 | 18×24″– $250 | 24×30″–$325 | 30×40″–$450

This giclee gallery wrapped print  is romantic summer view of the Ring of Kerry countryside, located in Southern Ireland. It’s created in a realist style in umber, white,violet, green, teal, blue, gold, cream, and gray tones. Irish scenic prints are perfect for the home or office.

County Kerry is famous throughout the world for its natural beauty, and the Ring of Kerry is the most common tourist route for seeing it. There are relatively few historic sites along the route, though those that are there are worth seeing. Unfortunately, with fame comes the masses, and there are dozens of tour buses that run this route every day. This is good news if you don’t have a car or a bike, but bad news if you do.

The Ring of Kerry is one of Ireland’s best-known and most scenic circuits, skirting the edge of the Iveragh Peninsula – the middle and largest of three fingers of land reaching out into the Atlantic on the island’s south-west extremity. This 120-mile route takes the N70, N71 and R562 roads and encounters some of Ireland’s finest landscapes, a breathtaking mosaic of rugged, storm-bashed coast, steep mountains, velvety green fields, historic sites, slate-coloured glacial lakes and welcoming towns and villages.


Irish Scenic Prints

Irish Scenic Prints
Irish Scenic Prints
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