Instructional Painting dvd – Lemons

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Volume 1

Instructional Painting dvd – Lemons


Instructional Painting dvd – Lemons, Ballet slippers, Watch & Teacup

This is Professor Groat’s first instructional painting DVD that was produced in 2007 within his studio located in Endwell, New York. In this unique instructional DVD course Hall demonstrates the techniques of painterly realism from direct observation.  All of the included demonstrations are painted from actual still life props that are set up within his studio. Learn how to paint lemons, along with several other classical subjects. In Volume #1 oil painting DVD he presents five comprehensive demonstrations, offering nearly two hours of solid instruction. The oil painting video lessons included are of compositions involving: three lemons, radishes, ballet slippers, railroad conductor’s pocket watch, and teacup and saucer.

Through his user-friendly, step-by-step approach, Hall outlines the process that was used by such 19th century painters as Edgar Degas and Edward Manet. Using an easily understood teaching approach, Hall reveals the secrets behind creating dramatic light and shadow illusions to compelling atmospheric spaces, all the way to rendering convincing three-dimensional illusions of form and space. This DVD presents a concise step-by-step system, offering both the beginning and the professional artist the necessary tools to successfully create classical realist still life oil paintings. Such topics are covered as establishing background variation and movement, accents and cast shadows, and realizing the primary and secondary planes of the motif. Each of the five painting demonstration DVDs is divided into phases with clearly stated topic headings.  Feel free to contact Professor Groat via e-mail if you have any questions regarding this DVD series.Instructional Painting dvd

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Volume #1 DVD - Oil Painting Demonstrations
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