Monhegan Island Maine, fine art paintings

  • Monhegan Island Maine 25x36 By Hall Groat Sr.

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Monhegan Island Maine, fine art paintings

Monhegan Island Maine, fine art paintings

Monhegan Island Maine Morning 25 x 36 in.

Original Acrylic on illustration board Painting By Hall Groat Sr.


This brilliant painting is a romantic view of the ocean side of Monhegan Island, which is located off the cost of Maine.  It’s painted in subtle blue, gray, yellow, violet and green tones. Spend some time reviewing our online art gallery to see the diverse subjects we handle. Gallery wrapped giclée prints are also available in our online art gallery in sizes ranging from 8×10 to 30×40 inches, which are perfect for the home or corporate office.

Artist’s Notes on Monhegan Island

It is a painter’s paradise where artist Winslow Homer created some his magnificent oils while in modern times Andrew Wyeth and his clan painted the rugged coast from the family estate. My ocean path was painted several years ago and conveys a sense of the unusual light and the weather beaten trees from coastal storms.  During the summer months many artists from different countries congregate to discuss their art after dinner. The exchange of ideas is an important part of this cultural experience.  Artists from all walks of life- some are skilled as magicians and boat builders. Most painters are professional and some have summer schools and conduct workshops. Many have exhibits of their work with elaborate openings and parties.

Jamie Wyeth was seen painting the sea while inside a large corrugated box. Perhaps he wanted to concentrate on his art during tourist season or maybe just wanted to be different.  During dinner hour my son and I were talking with a seaman who was critical of our setting up easels to close the breakers. We were informed a rogue wave could take us away and we should paint from a higher vantage point for safety. If one were to fall into the sea, there is no way out. We had a productive painting vacation.

Monhegan Island Maine Morning
Monhegan Island Maine Morning
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