Edward Christiana, Stream and Bridge

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Edward Christiana, Stream and Bridge

Edward Christiana, Stream and Bridge

Stream and Bridge, Frankfort Gorge, 1980

20×30 in., Watercolor Painting
$4,450  Framed

By Hall Groat Sr.

Edward Christiana, transplanted from down state New York metropolitan area was a major player in developing the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute School Of Art. He and wife Connie settled in Van Hornsville, a small community north of Utica. Edward kept a working studio in a separate dwelling next to their homestead. He was a prolific artist and required additional space for his paintings. Connie was active in the literary world and a gifted poet. The Arts Institute is in a separate building next to the museum and Edward was soon to become director after arriving in Utica. The museum frequently exhibited Edwards work comprised mainly of water colors. I first visited the museum while a  high school art student in Syracuse. His subject matter was always inventive and he never became arid. He had a variety of techniques developed through constant experimentation and worked in every medium. William Palmer was director of the museum and both men searched ways to make art more exhilarating- even by painting with a spachula. It was a technique I also embraced for a number of years. Through Edward Christiana as the School of Arts director The Munson Proctor has  become an important museum school and is still growing. Christiana devoted his life to the school and the museum as well.  Exhibiting throughout the United States he was a constant winner of national and regional art exhibits. It was near the end of his career when Edward and wife Connie paid a visit to my home/studio in Manlius. We had a lively discussion on art, music and literature. It was a rare treat for me after seeing his work in various exhibitions for the past fifty years. They brought their school and community a rare gift of culture in Utica and still found time to honor me with their company. When I mentioned my desire to one day visit Monhegan Island, Me- in jest he suggested I not go there saying “Its becoming to busy… I would prefer it to stay a more exclusive Island for working artists.” That was Edwards reverse psychology providing the impetus for my son and I to soon head for Monhegan. He always specialized in watercolor painting.

Edward Christiana, Watercolor Painting
Edward Christiana, Watercolor Painting
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