Portland, Maine Ocean Rocks, Buy Maine Art, 30×40 in.

  • Portland, Maine Ocean Rocks, Marine, High Tide Original Acrylc on panel 30x40 By Hall Groat Sr.

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Portland, Maine Ocean Rocks, Buy Maine Art, 30×40 in.

Portland, Maine Ocean Rocks, Marine, High Tide Original


Oil on panel by Hall Groat Sr.

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This majestic scene is a classic view of the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the shoreline rocks of Portland, Maine. This beautiful painting is created in acrylic on a traditionally sealed illustration board. It’s painted in tones of gold, red, violet, teal, blue, green, umber and white. Gallery wrapped giclée prints are also available in our online art gallery in sizes ranging from 8×10 to 30×40 inches, which are perfect for the home, corporate office, or hospitality design project. We are also able to produce custom sized giclées to meet your particular project needs. Buy Maine Art.

Artist’s Notes on Painting Seascapes

From grade school on, boats and seascapes have fascinated me as subject matter for painting. Not living near the ocean did not hold me back as I poured through library books for reference on my favorite subjects. Certain places visited as an adult were instrumental in perpetuating my love for nautical art. Palm Beach, Newport, Race Point , Cape Cod, Virginia Beach , Alaska , Japan and many cruises are a few places that come to mind. While being in several storms at sea , fear can be sublimated by the sheer beauty of nature.

While leaving Seattle en route to the Korean War, Our troop ship encountered a storm that caused sea sickness in most all troops. I could not wait to be permitted out on deck to study the monstrous sea. I memorized every detail of the construction of waves and variations of color. As an artist, these experiences were golden opportunities and have enhanced my whole career. Recently, I wrote a chapter on “learning to see” in my book, “ The Brush Slinger” chronicling my life as an artist. On my cruise ship through the southern Caribbean, we encountered a storm that was repeated a few weeks later on another trip which nearly capsized the whole ship. However on our trip I was able to juggle my watercolor art kit and do some successful small paintings of this storm at sea. Other passengers seemed surprised that anyone would be able to paint as the ship was pitching so violently. An artist is trained to work in adverse conditions, but perhaps a parallel of this would be a storm chaser.




Portland, Maine Ocean Rocks
Portland, Maine Ocean Rocks
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