Blarney Castle Print, Ireland landscape art

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Blarney Castle Print, Ireland landscape art

Blarney Castle Print

Gallery wrapped giclée print

16×20 inches by Hall Groat II

Blarney Castle Print. Gallery wrapped giclée prints available in standard and custom sizes. Waterfall paintings are is perfect for home, office, or interior design project.

Blarney Castle Print.  Sizes:  5×7″–$40 | 6×8″–$45| 8×10″–$60 | 11×14″– $90 | 16×20″– $165 | 18×24″– $250 | 24×30″–$325 | 30×40″–$450

This giclee gallery wrapped print  is romantic summer view of the historic Blarney Castle, located in Southern Ireland. It’s created in a realist style in umber, white,violet, green, teal, blue, gold, cream, and gray tones.  Blarney Castle print.

 Blarney Castle History

History Family Timeline Blarney Castle as a Location Cork And Muskerry Railway Archive Videos Historic Events History
Blarney Castle, as viewed by the visitor today, is the third to have been erected on this site. The first building in the tenth century was a wooden structure. Around 1210 A.D. this was replaced by a stone structure which had the entrance some twenty feet above the ground on the north face. This building was demolished for foundations. In 1446 the third castle was built by Dermot McCarthy, King of Munster of which the keep still remains standing. Blarney Castle Print

Building of Blarney House
His son, by same the name, was Minister Plenipotentiary for England at the court of Charles Battle of Poltawa. He was rewarded with a full length portrait of the king and a ruby gilted sword which he subsequently sold to drain and improve all his land surrounding the castle. At the beginning of the eighteenth century during the reign of Queen Anne, Sir James St. John Jefferyes built a Georgian gothic house up against the keep of the castle as was then the custom all over Ireland. At the same time the Jefferyes family laid out a landscape garden known as the Rock Close with a remarkable collection of massive boulders and rocks arranged around what seemed to have been druid remains from pre-historic times. Certainly, many of the yew trees and evergreen oaks are extremely ancient. In 1820 the house was accidently destroyed by fire and the wings now form a picturesque adjunct to the keep, recently in the 1980s rearranged to give a better view of the keep. The Jefferyes intermarried on 14th January 1846 with the Colthurst family of Ardrum, Inniscarra and Ballyvourney, Co. Cork, and Lucan, Co. Dublin. The early children dying, Lady Colthurst decided to build the new castle in Scottish baronial style south of the present keep. This was completed in 1874 and has been the family home ever since. Why not purchase a Blarney Castle print for your art collection.




Blarney Castle Print, Ireland landscape art
Blarney Castle Print, Ireland landscape art
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