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Learn to Oil Paint Video Apples


Learn to Oil Paint Video Apples 

In this oil paint dvd, Hall teaches the beginning student how to paint a classic composition of Red Delicious Apples!  This learn to oil paint DVD will teach the beginning student how to properly begin an oil painting through setting up the initial composition. The two hour oil painting techniques DVD demonstration includes brilliant close-up shots of his classic brushwork and color mixing formulas, in addition to views of his studio as he talks about his painting at different points.

Such topics are covered as establishing background variation and movement, accents and cast shadows, and realizing the primary and secondary planes of the motif.  Using a simple teaching style, Hall teaches the world how to creating dramatic light and shadow illusions to seductive atmospheric spaces, all the way to rendering convincing three-dimensional illusions of form and space. Both the beginning and the professional artist are offered the necessary tools and techniques to successfully create classical painterly realistic pieces from direct observation.

Student Comments

” I’ve watched DVD #1 & #16 several times each, and finally started painting tonight — a simple composition of an apple on a textured cloth with a dark background. Your video lessons and work are inspiring! I particularly appreciate your comments about the observation part of the painting process.”– Thanks Pam Harris Salina, Kansas

Oil paint DVD

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Volume 6
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