Part 1

Volume 13

Painting Onions, Tonalist Painting Techniques DVD

In Tonalist Painting Hall introduces the 19th century tradition of tonalism through painting an intimate still life involving two onions with a beautiful violet vase on a gold cloth! In tonalist painting colors are subdued and edges disappear, while forms are poetically understated through vague and ethereal suggestions.

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Volume 1

Instructional Painting dvd – Lemons

American artist, Hall Groat II, in his unique instructional DVD course demonstrates the techniques of the lost art of traditional realist oil painting. In Volume #1 oil painting DVD he presents five comprehensive demonstrations, offering nearly two hours of solid instruction. The oil painting video lessons included are of compositions involving: three lemons, radishes, ballet slippers, railroad conductor’s pocket watch, and teacup and saucer. Through his innovative, step-by-step approach he outlines the process that was used by such 19th century painters as Edgar Degas and Edward Manet.

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