Post Your Paintings Critique

Paintings Critique

Post up to five of your paintings, along with a statement about what you are trying to accomplish in your work, and receive a free critique from Hall Groat II.  Once Hall’s comments are posted, we invite other artists to post their insights within the provided Facebook comment box.  The  objective is for artists to learn from one another’s work and critiques. Spend a few minutes reviewing some of the student critiques and discussions located within the DVD lesson section along the top navigation menu. If you have studied painting from Hall’s DVDs, be sure to select which DVD (s) your painting is connected with.  Feel free to make multiple posts with separate statements if you wish.  If the paintings that you’ve uploaded are not based on any of Hall’s DVDs, that’s fine, still feel free to upload your work for a critique.

  • Upload your images

    Please upload up to 5 images of your work. Please make sure they are at least 780px by 480px.
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