Laurie Justus Pace, Contemporary Fine Artist, Texas

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As splintering light fractions into thousands of colors, Laurie’s journey in life has encompassed many careers from runway model to graphic artist, from musician to singer, from teacher to artist. She believes the greatest influence in her life is the beauty God provides daily.

A degree in Art, ten years with an advertising agency, and thirty years teaching art has come full circle. Viewing a Pace painting is a rich experience that drips with color and emotion. Her passionate works are alive with movement, boldly created with a wide brush and a palette knife. She loves working with oils, carving out the paint and transferring energy to the canvas and ultimately on to the viewer. You can find her original paintings in Mirada Fine Art, Denver; The Rare Gallery, Jackson Hole; The Dutch Art Gallery, Dallas; The White Dog Gallery, Carbondale, CO; South Hill Gallery, Lexington, KY. Her most highly collected work is her abstract horse paintings.


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