DiaNoche Designs

  • aja Stories of the Tree 59 pillow
  • aja Story of a tree 59 (1) duv
  • aja Story of the Tree 59 (2)
  • aja Story of the TREE 59 shower
  • Story of the Tree 59

About DiaNoche Designs

DesignsDiaNoche Designs, meaning Day and Night Designs, creates stunning pieces of art that double as lights. This unique concept beautifully brings to life our Art Today — Light Tonight concept. DiaNoche Designs’ founders, Rachel and Erik Mathews, put a new twist on an old idea, adding state-of-the-art technology and customer appeal to create a functional, elegant design.

DiaNoche Designs gives special appreciation to Martin Taylor, one of the DiaNoche artists, for his unwavering support, and of course, his art. Thanks to artists from around the globe, we are able to add radiant style to homes around the world.



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