Hall Groat II Oil Paintings

The work presented within this slide show represents a cross-section of Groat’s larger scaled work made over the past fifteen years, ranging from classical compositions to atypical, symbolic arrangements.
Through the use of metaphor, Groat often explores contemporary subjects connected with both our consumer-driven culture and natural environment. Quirky associations, involving the machine, brand identity, food, monetary currency and nature, may serve as icons of consumerism, invoke hunger, or question the duality of nature and the machine.
Groat’s most recent work involving the billiards balls could be viewed as autobiographical, or an exploration of timelessness and merely about the meditative and formal process of seeing. Groat spent most of 2020-21 caring for elderly parents, and playing billiards daily was a form of  recreational therapy.  He believes painting has the potential to reveal the extraordinary within the mundane and overlooked, and is fascinated by the expressive possibilities of inanimate objects. Painting that merges modern art discoveries with a classical aesthetic, often pushes him toward subjects that blur the boundaries between the familiar and the unconventional.


Narrative Still lives for Exhibit
  • Behind-The-Eight-Ball-30x40-in.-Oil-on-canvas

  • Thief of Past and Future 24 x 20 in. Oil on canvas

  • Wheel of Life 40 x 22 in. Oil on canvas

  • Dirty-Money-24-x-30-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Bad-Money-30-x-24-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Ponzi Scheme 24-x-30-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Blood-Money-24-x-30-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Hard Money 24x30 in. Oil on canvas by Hall Groat II

  • INSATIABLE-30-x-40-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Hersheys-Chocolate-Kiss-30-x-20-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Chocolate-Raspberry-Tarts-18-x-24-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Bumblebee-with-Melting-Ice-14-x-11-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Monarch-Butterfly-with-Melting-Ice-14-x-11-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Terra-Mater-36-x-36-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • SHRINE-35-x-35-Oil-on-canvas-and-panel-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Virgin-Earth-Challenge-35-by-35-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Natures-Wrath-40-x-30-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Internal-Combustion-Engine-20-x-16-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Freegans-World-40-x-30-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Pocket watch with Pinball, Handcuffs, Lemon 11"x14" Oil on canvas HALL GROAT II

  • Lemons-with-Silver-Teapot-Pocket-watch-and-Money-16by20in.-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Pocket watch with Pear and Teapot 11x14 in. Original Oil on canvas Hall Groat II , Corporate Collection, Cowen and Company, Boston

  • Nautilus Seashell with Pocket watch 11"x14" Original Oil on canvas HALL GROAT II

  • Pocket watch with Lemon & Creamer 11x14 in. Original Oil on canvas Hall Groat II

  • Apple with Silver Creamer, coins and Pocket watch , 11x14 in., Oil on canvas

  • Lemon with Silver Creamer, Pennies and Pocket watch, 11x14 in., Oil on canvas by Hall Groat II

  • Human-Heart-with-Brain-12-x-25-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Chocolate-Ice-cream-Cone-24-x-18-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Silver-Canister-Bread-and-Water-with-New-York-Times-and-Yuans-16-x-20-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Silver-Dollars-16-x-20-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Fruit Vendor Mid-Town Manhattan 18x24 in. Oil on canvas by Hall Groat II

  • New-York-City-Street-Vendor-16x20-in.-Oil-on-canvas

  • 42nd-Street-New-York-City-24-x-36-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • 7th-Ave.-Washington-District-of-Columbia-18-x-24-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Taughannock Falls, Ulysses, NY 30x40 in. Oil on canvas by Hall Groat II

  • American-Dream-24-x-30-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • Ernie-Davis-Tribute-Football-16-x-20-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II

  • David-Beckham-Tribute-Soccer-Ball-30-x-24-inches-Oil-on-canvas-by-Hall-Groat-II





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