Lemons Step-by-Step

Floral Painting Tutorial, How to Paint a Lily

Floral Painting Tutorial- How to Oil Paint a Lily   1. Begin by exploring a composition through loosely sketching out the contour of the lily. In this sketch I used a very transparent tone consisting of raw umber mixed with a pile of what was left on my glass palette from the prior session. At […]

How to Oil Paint a Baseball

How to Oil Paint a Baseball By Hall Groat II, 2008 © CLICK TO VIEW SLIDESHOW OF HALL GROAT II BASEBALL PAINTINGS PAINTING A BASEBALL THROUGH CHIROSCURO & WET INTO WET By Hall Groat II, 2008 © 1.Begin with by deciding on the placement of the baseball within the composition, and then trace around a […]

Oil Paint Nautilus Seashell Tutorial

Oil Paint Nautilus Seashell Tutorial step-by-step instructions below slideshow This nautilus seashell painting was created during a one hour painting session in oil on an 8×10 in. stretched, cotton duct canvas. The piece was painted from directly observing an actual nautilus seashell, using an ala-prima, wet-into-wet,  tonalist style. The shell was illuminated by a single warm light […]

Portrait Imprimatura Step-by-Step Oil Painting

These were portrait demos that were completed of the model named Ben during a beginning painting class at SUNYBroome Community College during the fall semester of 2014. The pieces were first developed through a transparent layer of Raw Umber in the form of an imprimatura, and then the forms were further developed through building up […]

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