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Oil Painting DVD Video Reviews


I want to thank you for your critique on the paintings I submitted to you. So helpful, and as soon as I read your comments I understood what you meant.

My instructor for portraiture is an excellent teacher, reminds me of you a bit because he can explain himself simply. Funny you referenced Sargent, he has a DVD on copying him!  But his emphasis is on complexion, direction of the light, etc., background is important to him but he is really trying to get us to focus on the skin more.  So when I see your paintings, your DVD’s, and your comments, I realize more how much I want to improve on background and shared values. Yours are stunning, I love them.

I was really amazed and delighted with the fact that you take that much time for your critiques and even attaching related info!  So thank you, I am fired up!

Joanne Scoles Cherry Still life Painting   |    Joanne Scoles Pumpkin Painting   |   Joanne Scoles Portraits

Joanne Scoles
Sent from Joanne’s iPad

Dear Hall,

I am thoroughly enjoying your latest instructional DVD… The Irish Landscape. Here is a painting I did using your technique and the info I learned from your DVD. Your easy approach and “talking me through it” mark you as a great teacher in my book. My painting is also from a photo I took while in Ireland. I loved the Raw Umber and Linseed oil technique… it allowed me to get a tonal rendering down first and then build up without losing the depth. That was the problem I was usually having in landscapes… lack of depth and atmosphere.

The “Painting a Day” art movement that is gaining momentum in the art collecting market and is one of my favorite ways to express myself. It’s the art of painting everyday subjects from life is such a way they almost come alive. When it comes to my “painting a day” love of still life the one artist who has helped me grow more than any other is Hall Groat II. I purchased Hall’s first two DVD’s…. VOLUME #1 and VOLUME #2… and was very impressed by his simple yet thorough approach. My work was already selling by this point but after studying the demos and applying some of Hall’s techniques my work jumped up several notches and began to sell for higher dollar amounts. My style is different from Hall’s… after all… I don’t wish to copy his work but glean from it and let it help mold my own. What I have learned from his DVD’s is worth 10 times more than I paid for them. I understand Hall is up to VOLUME #20 as I write this… may just have to pay Hall’s site another visit. To top it all… Hall has become a dear cyber friend and mentor and has been very approachable and helpful to me every step of the way on my journey… my Artistic Release! See for yourself…

11×14″ Oil on stretched canvas
“Fields of Tipperary”

…love to hear your comments.

PS… Please feel free to quote me and use this image on your site as a pleased client if you wish.

Artistic Release… Bernie’s Artwork: http://www.bernierosage.blogspot.com
Bernie & Tami’s “Enchanting Ireland” blog: http://irelandartwork.blogspot.com

Thanks a million!
Bernie Rosage Jr.
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Hi Hall,

I’ve watched DVD #1 & #16 several times each, and finally started painting tonight — a simple composition of an apple on a textured cloth with a dark background. Your video lessons and work are inspiring! I particularly appreciate your comments about the observation part of the painting process.

Pam Harris
Salina, Kansas

Dear Hall,

actually,i ( dinah) ordered the dvds…i can’t believe i have spent so much time and money trying to learn to paint and i just can’t tell you how much your theory and instruction has helped me…today i painted along with you on the tangerines step-by-step…mine don’t look as great as yours but they look better than my previous efforts…it;’s like it all came together…especially the weaving of the brushstrokes and the burnt umber softening the colors etc…i also ordered #4 last night…i didn’t see that i could order several at a time at a savings…but i will be ordering that way from now on…thank you soooo much for being so generous with your instructional secrets and tips…

Thanks again
Dinah Remington
Shalimar, Florida

Dear Hall,

I am teaching myself to paint with oils and these DVDs are helping much more than all the books I have. The way you explain Tonalist painting seems so logical to me that I have no problem understanding it. My execution, however, needs a lot of practice. Of course I watch the DVDs several times. Each time I paint something I can go back to the DVD and understand more and more.

Thanks for making these wonderful learning tools available at such a reasonable cost.

Marsha Melone
El Segundo, California

Hello Hall,

I have collected quite a few oil painting videos and I must say that I find Hall Groat II’s the best. He has an easy-going manner and teaches in such a way that both beginners and advanced artists will find valuable. The camera angles and close-ups facilitate the learning process. Hall’s style is classical, utilizing thinned burnt umber for drawing and underpainting. He leads you step by step through his concepts and you come away with – not only a completed painting, but an understanding of how he develops the painting from conception to conclusion. These videos have my highest recommendation.

You have solid concepts that repeat throughout all of your paintings. Because of the repetition of your approach to painting, I feel that I am LEARNING TO PAINT rather than copying a painters technique. My work has improved by leaps and bounds by studying your approach.  Painting DVD reviews.

It is hard for me to say how they would approach the baseball and the reason is this – even with reviewing their videos the way I have, I still don’t know HOW they would approach something like this. For me, each video of theirs is like a new experience-and this is problematic for someone who wants to learn. Yours are an extension of my learning process – each video builds on it. You also have a relaxing teaching style that I like.

I hope this makes sense.

Please feel free to ask any more questions. The work on the baseball that you have done thus far is great. I am excited to this this and I think it will be useful both for people who buy your dvd’s and for people who don’t – but there is going to be a distinct advantage for those that are able to visualize your approach. I am looking forward to see how you finish this up.

If you feel that you would like to discuss any of this, I would be happy to talk with you. I am happy to help you out. You have certainly helped me.


Dr. Salvatore Gruttadauria
Williamsville, New York


I should have noted that the painting is on a 5×7 canvas, on a cardboard backing. It is done in acryics. I have you to thank for my progress. Your videos are tremendous. They taught me a lot. I now have a new found enthusiasm for painting. And I am trying new things.

I started another 5×7 painting. This one is a vase with a glaze on it. It was purchased in a pottery studio. I have found that I can use acrylics as though they were oils by using an drying retarder.

Have a great weekend.

Thanks again,
Ronald J Yarosh
Winter Springs, Florida

Dear Mr.Groat

I have the distinct pleasure to have studied about Ten of your Art lessons on DVD.Your Art is second to none; your ability to motivate and worm Artists towards Traditional Realism is confirmed by the various Artist , young and old alike that see their art or conception of it, reach a different plateau with every new DVD offering. You are Mr.Groat inspiring to all of us, and I can honestly say that Is a rare thing to have such a gifted , passionate and supportive teacher . Yes, Hall would even answer your email to clarify and expand on any question you may have . Painting DVD reviews. A Rare thing indeed!!!!

For my little bowl of cherries http://bp3.blogger.com/_Fl-rhiywzuE/R6_laEGWL1I/AAAAAAAAADE/jKz9FO9xAWI/s1600-h/bowl+of+cherries.jpg I was assisted four times via e-mail in 3 consecutives day, till the Maestro as I affection ally call him was not satisfied with my work; actually I was ecstatic!!!!!

A passion for Art has enliven my life after retirement and this is due in no small amount to the efforts of Hall Groat II, that impart his knowledge with much sought after DVD’s. I will say that I have learned and benefitted more from one of His DVD’s than from a week long workshop I recently attended. I will also say that His DVD’s are very reasonably priced and certainly worth every penny (or cent in our case).

If you have any interest in Oil Colors, do yourself a favor get His DVD’s, you will not regret it and you will have found a friend at the same time. Make sure you order one of the first five DVD’s that came with an instructional guide as well. The Guide is like a Bible to me and rightly so. Vol. IV , Vol.V and Vol. XVIII are my favorites a lot of necessary information, a lot of Art.

I can hardly wait for 2009 when Mr. Groat II book is due for publication, please reserve me a copy I beg you. S T O P

Mariano Zucchi
Atlanta, Georgia

Hello Hall,

I have watched some of your dvd’s and I am very happy. Finally, I have found a great artist and teacher. You always emphasize experimenting and having fun and that made a lot of difference for me. I had bought a few dvd’s from other artists but one actually scared me into trying anything because he kept on saying that if his instructions are not followed that the outcome would be…

May I ask you one question? It is regarding the size of the painting in relation to the actual size of the subject. I have noticed that you use a lot of smaller supports; with this size do you paint the same size as the subject? How about when you use a bigger support? Is this a very subjective decision? I would appreciate your guidance on this.

I actually “finished” my first painting on a 18×20 canvass of two cherries (like two people in love hugging each other) in a heart-shaped bowl. I started it before I received your dvd’s

but I wasn’t sure how to finish it. After watching some of your dvd’s I worked on it and now it is finished; I can hardly believe the illusion of a three-dimension that I did.

Again, thank you, for sharing your knowledge and passion for your art!

I am in my fifty’s and I have always wanted to be able to express myself in my painting without having to worry about techniques, etc. At the same time as my painting lessons I also started my piano lessons and after just a month I am playing the piano with both hands (popular music, not classical; classical is next, maybe), reading notes without any problems. Thank you, again.

Medardo A. Cardona
Montreal, Canada

Dear Professor Groat,

The most important clarification for me are the ordered phases you’ve presented with full detailed description of the importance of each and of course the demonstration. Your explanation of the great importance of the under painting, keeping the composition in constant flux, the softened edges and tonal intermingling of color from one object to another, the secondary planes, the beauty of the rim light, not placing the foreground parallel with the edge of the painting, and on and on, these are all enlightenment for me.

The phases are almost like a recipe for a cake. By practicing and following the recipe I’ll be able to make a beautiful painting. The DVDs make me feel like I’ve been invited to peek over the shoulder of a master painter watching as he applies techniques and secrets of his years of experience to a painting all for my benefit.

Thank you again,
Judy Hukill
Mandeville, Louisiana

Hi Hall,

Thank you for solving the issue by sending me new DVDs. I really appreciate it. Regarding your DVDs, they are great; I have certainly learned a lot from watching you paint. What I enjoyed the most is your approach to painting, which is very straightforward and direct. No complicated painting process etc.

You have clear-cut principles and easy steps to follow, no messing about, just the essentials. And your color is beautiful, very pure.

When it comes to adding something to your teaching repertoire, I would surely love to see you take on the masters and know your opinion on how they went about with their pictures.

You see, I am studying art history at my local university and I am therefore very interested in past painting techniques. I also would be interested in seeing how you would paint other things than stillife. You know things like the human figure, landscapes and so on.

I also would like to say something about the price of your DVDs. I have bought several other art instructional DVDs on eBay and on other sites. And they are so expensive. Your DVDs on the other hand is much less expensive and you get very much information for very little money. As I said they are great.

But, anyway, please make many more volumes, I will surely buy them.

All the best,
Jørgen Rodal
Arna, Norway

Hi Maestro,

Today I got your DVD’s Volumes 6-7-8. I’ve already watched 7 and 8. What a pleasure. These DVD’s are superb, and I would recommend all of the 1-8 to anybody that is even half serious about start painting with oil. There is so much to learn…. Also on the last three you explain the so-called “ tricks” extremely good. The use of a sable brush for example on the final phase to merge planes is something I will start incorporating on my stuff from now on, like the transparency of the shadows and all the tips that you so generously shared with us. I learned a lot from your DVD’s and emails, so thank you very much Mr.Groat for a superb job. I truly enjoy painting and learning from you has been a highlight on my artistic path.

your disciple,
Atlanta, Georgia

Hello Hall,

Thank-you so much for making these dvd’s. I had attended 3 different art classes, and I’ve learned more in 1 lesson with you than in a semester and a half at my local college. It seems that instructor’s don’t want to divulge their secrets anymore. Thank you for being so generous. I’ve purchased all 12 dvds, and now I greatly anticipate whatever is next!

Thanks again,
Lori Bluestein
San Antonio, Texas

Hi Mr. Groat,

I found them on the internet. They look like exactly what I have been looking for. I had taken lessons in the past as a kid. Although life got busy and I haven’t painted for many years, I have never lost the desire. I still always look at things in terms of what would make a great painting. I have always wanted to get back into it. Now that I am an adult and the kids are out of the house, it is time. I have tried attending lessons, but one instructor was kind of far and the lessons were until late at night. Now I have moved way out in the country and it is even farther. I completely butted heads with another instructor. Her way was the right way and that was it. There was no room for my interpretation or opinion. So, I thought DVD’s would be the answer. I have been looking for a comprehensive DVD set. I am a visual person and like the idea of being able to review something as much as I want to. Your DVD set looks like just the thing. I have looked at others on the net, but then when you look at the artist’s work, it looks like a beginning amateur’s. I was very happy to have found your’s. I was impressed by the examples of your work that were shown and look forward to receiving the DVDs and getting started again. I take lots of pictures of many beautiful things that most people never get to see.

Hollister, California

Dear Professor Groat,

I just want to thank you for your gift of the DVD on cherries and to tell you how excited I am to have an opportunity to study with you, though not in person, through these wonderful DVDs. I plan to buy all of them; however. I have learned more in one day than with any art instructor in the last 10 years! You are wonderful!

Thanks, again,
Rose Brown
Miramar Beach, Florida

Dear Hall,

I received your new DVD, have watched it twice and really love it. You make everything look so easy, you explain everything so simply and in such great detail that it really sinks in! I love understanding the warm and cool colours and the difference between tint and tone at last. It has changed my life looking for the contrasts in everything I see.

If you are ever in Ireland again My husband runs a little 5 star guest house in Enniscrone, a very scenic place right overlooking the Atlantic sea. You can look us up on the website: www.seasonslodge.ie and you would be very welcome!

Many Thanks,
Co Sligo, Ireland

Good Morning Hall,

Just to let you know I received my DVD order yesterday. For now, this is just feedback on DVD one and four. Although I now own these DVDs, I took notes of what you were saying. The booklet you included along with each DVD is fantastic as a student to reference after viewing the DVD. Furthermore, I found the construction of your paintings are what I have been trying to get over the last year. So, seeing the success of your painting as you construct them have uncovered some of the areas where I hopefully will improve immediately. In addition to DVD One being extremely helpful, the way the information was delivered in a instructor student manner, you were very clear and thorough throughout the DVD.

I have spent literally thousands of dollars on current and out of print art books, DVD’s, oil painting workshops, airfares and hotels in the search of
learning from the best. Maybe, if I had your DVD set before I spent all this money, I would have been further along in my artistic endeavors and still had most of my money. But, I suppose this is the price of learning. DVD Four was very helpful in the way you mixed the different values and showing these as you would work with them. The terms you used and how you explained are simple and without mystery plus I can refer to the booklet. If you are a beginner, intermediate or beyond and serious about painting, I highly recommend your DVD set to all. Because, in the end I believe we are all teachers in some degree, some are just better than others and one size does not fit all. Painting DVD reviews.

You’re the best instructor I have ever listened too and knows how to explain things! You think and know who your audience is. Unlike most painters, you

never showed tangents, nervous twitches, uneasy talk while explaining information. Frankly speaking, I am very excited about going through the rest of your DVD’s and could go on but better stop here.

Pauline Butts
Highland Village, Texas

Mesmerizing art demonstrations. Great buy !!!
Buyer: napoleon0728 ( 65) Painting DVD reviews.
Oct-05-07 04:37 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4,#5 –OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II (#220153384090)

Well Done! The only classic oil painting dvd’s out there that I know of! Thanks!
Buyer: ericanthonyart ( 22)
Sep-26-07 19:42 VOLUMES #2, #3,#4, #5 – OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II (#220152834098)

Since I can’t come to NY these DVD’s are the next best thing… Thanks Hall !!!
Buyer: artisticrelease ( 58) Painting DVD reviews.
Sep-24-07 17:54 VOLUMES #1 & #2 PAINTING DEMOS–2 DVD’S Hall Groat II (#220150799325

Wonderful video, contains techniques not seen elsewhere. recommend!
Buyer: jewelrywoman ( 621)
Oct-31-07 19:15 VOLUME #5: Color Schemes & Harmonies – Hall Groat II (#220153042304)

So good I purchased them all!
Buyer: lapainter ( 943)
Oct-27-07 10:08 VOLUMES #1, #2, #4 OIL PAINTING DEMOS Hall Groat II (#220161280870)

Fast delivery. A++++++ Seller. Super instruction! Thanks!
Buyer: lapainter ( 943)
Oct-27-07 10:07 VOLUME #5: Color Schemes & Harmonies – Hall Groat II (#220153042491)

Buyer: leighbeec ( 808)
Oct-20-07 12:46 OIL PAINTING DEMONSTRATIONS, 2 hours by Hall Groat II Painting DVD reviews.(#220144819501)

Thank you! Just what I wanted++++

Buyer: mysweetbebe ( 374)
Oct-17-07 06:30 VOLUMES #1 & #3 PAINTING DEMOS–2 DVD’S Hall Groat II (#220150810606)

Thankyou, love your work and generous teaching!
Buyer: gagliano-half ( 113)
Oct-11-07 08:59 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4,#5 –OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II (#220151707853)

Great instruction tapes!!! Thank-you!!
Buyer: glory747 ( 350)
Nov-02-07 11:50 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4,#5 –OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II (#220154824948)US $70.00

Wonderful video, contains techniques not seen elsewhere. recommend!
Buyer: jewelrywoman ( 621)
Oct-31-07 19:15 VOLUME #5: Color Schemes & Harmonies – Hall Groat II (#220153042304)

So good I purchased them all!
Buyer: lapainter ( 944)
Oct-27-07 10:08 VOLUMES #1, #2, #4 OIL PAINTING DEMOS Hall Groat II (#220161280870)

Fast Shipping …Great Communication… very accomodating…Will order more.
Buyer: mspats ( 36)
Oct-12-07 13:33 VOLUME #4: OIL PAINTING PRACTICES Hall Groat II (#220150930525)

Great DVDs! Exactly what I’ve been needing. Fantastic instructor. Thanks!
Buyer: emosmann ( 161)
Nov-23-07 11:39 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4,#5 –OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II (#220160589434)US $70.00)

excellent and great service…thanks!
Buyer: paugut ( 72)
Nov-22-07 16:21 OIL PAINTING DEMONSTRATIONS, 2 hours by Hall Groat II (#220165280206)US $25.00

I love your dvd’s! Very insightful, came to me in great shape, Thank you!
Buyer: akgriffs4as8 ( 41)

Nov-20-07 21:09 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4,#5 –OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II (#220162315473)

Great dvd’s. He is a great artist and he breaks his thought process down great.
luv-to-oil-paint ( 131) Painting DVD reviews.

Great DVDs! Exactly what I’ve been needing. Fantastic instructor. Thanks!
Buyer: emosmann ( 161)
Nov-23-07 11:39 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4,#5 –OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II

Excellent and great service…thanks
Buyer: paugut ( 72)
Nov-22-07 16:21 OIL PAINTING DEMONSTRATIONS Painting DVD reviews.

Nice product. Received quickly. Thank you!
Buyer: costumeville ( 6768)
Dec-03-07 07:46 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4,#5 –OIL PAINTING Painting DVD reviews.

Quick delivery quick feedback and DVD came with an instructional pamphlet
Buyer: artcook49 ( 93)
Nov-29-07 14:21 OIL PAINTING DEMONSTRATIONS, 2 hours by

Great dvd’s. He is a great artist and he breaks his thought process down great.
Buyer: luv-to-oil-paint ( 136)
Nov-26-07 08:01 VOLUMES #1 & #4 PAINTING DEMOS–2 DVD’S

I have been educated in the arts and these are well worth the money.
paprdol41 ( 179)
Dec-17-07 07:09 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3 OIL PAINTING DEMOS Hall Groat II

Trustworthy, reliable seller * fast shipping * Mr. Groat is an excellent teacher.
talmageliz ( 155)
Jan-03-08 11:20 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4,#5 –OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II (#220154568505)

Hall Groat II is an excellent teacher and artist.
christopher_azzopardi ( 1 )
Jan-07-08 07:44 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4,#5 –OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II (#220172600687)

Great merchandise. Quick shipping. Great seller!
ncmiller ( 105)
Jan-15-08 12:52 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4 – OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II (#220151815671)

Highly recommend this artist ‘s videos…very informative and entertaining.
hocoka ( 721)
Jan-18-08 10:22 OIL PAINTING DEMONSTRATIONS, 2 hours by Hall Groat II (#220189750714)

Good videos, especially for beginning painters.
desertartist ( 185)
Jan-18-08 10:29 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4,#5 –OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II (#220188459369) Painting DVD reviews.

Set of DVDs is terrific. Very happy with them. Excellent instruction great price.
pattyblake ( 1766)
Jan-24-08 07:49 VOLUMES #1, #2, #3,#4,#5 –OIL PAINTING Hall Groat II (#220186849777)

As described, fast shipping, great little instruction dvd.
barefootartist ( 132)
Jan-29-08 21:18 PAINTING CHERRIES , 2 hours by Hall Groat II (#220192046589)

Good transaction. Excellent DVDs. A pleasure to deal with. Thank You!
kazenohana ( 248)
Jan-31-08 05:35 VOLUMES #1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6 & #7 OIL PAINT Hall Groat II (#320207952288)


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